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Our Services


UX/UI Design

Our design wizards weave their magic to create user experiences so smooth, they're like butter on a hot pancake. We make sure your apps and websites look stunning and flow like a perfectly choreographed dance.

Cloud & Backend Development

We're the masters of the digital realm, wielding the power of the cloud and backend development to create robust, scalable solutions. We'll whip up a cloud infrastructure so impressive, it'll make your competitors green with envy.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps are our jam! We craft apps that make users go "Wow, this is better than a unicorn riding a skateboard!" Whether it's iOS or Android, we've got the skills to make your app shine brighter than a supernova.

Web Application Development

Websites are like superheroes, and we're here to create the caped crusaders of the web world. From e-commerce platforms that make shopping a breeze to custom web apps that bring joy to your users, we'll save the day with our coding prowess.

AR/VR Application Development

We love taking reality and adding a touch of virtual magic to it. Our AR/VR creations will transport your users to fantastical realms, whether it's for gaming, training, or making your marketing campaigns pop like confetti cannons.

Open Source Applications

Embracing the freedom of open source, we craft customizable, budget-friendly apps. From CMS to e-commerce and collaboration tools, we deliver open-source excellence.

Community Building Platforms

We're experts at uniting people through tech. Our platforms spark engagement, conversations, and a strong sense of community – your digital oasis for shared passions and unforgettable interactions!

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Join hands with 360 Studio Tech and unlock the true potential of your business through our comprehensive tech support services. Contact us today to embark on a journey of innovation, efficiency, and growth!

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